Inventory Manager Upgrade for PastPerfect 5.0

Inventories are an essential part of managing collections. With PastPerfect’s new Inventory Manager Upgrade, you now have the tools you need to accomplish successful collection tracking projects. This add-on product makes it simple to create inventory lists, print barcode labels, track collections electronically, and ensure accurate records.

With Inventory Manager, you will have the ability to easily:

Generate Inventory Lists
  • Automatically generate targeted lists based on catalog, status, collection, or last inventoried date. Lists can include or exclude items on loan or exhibit.
  • Build sampling lists that randomly select a fixed number or percentage of your collection.
  • Print customized inventory worksheets that enable staff and volunteers to efficiently locate and document collections away from the computer. Check out these samples:
Record Inventoried Items
  • Scan barcodes or manually create a list of Object IDs with your laptop, tablet or smartphone.
  • Import your inventory list, then update the items’ records using global update features.
  • Produce instant reports of items “found in collection” that have yet to be cataloged electronically.
Reconcile Your Collection
  • Quickly update inventory information in PastPerfect with a few mouse clicks.
  • Globally change home or temporary locations with the Catalog List Manager.
  • Maintain an inventory history on each catalog record to better track and protect your collection.

Please Note: If you'd like to include images on your barcode labels or inventory worksheets, you will need to have the MultiMedia Upgrade. You will also need to be at the 5.0B3 update or higher to use this upgrade.


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User Guide Chapter on Inventory Manager

Inventory Manager Quick Start Guide

Product Video

Image of Inventory Manager Worksheets
Inventory Manager Worksheets

Image of Utilizing Barcode Scanning
Utilizing Barcode Scanning

Image of Managing and Displaying your Inventory Lists
Managing and Displaying your Inventory Lists